This assignment is to be a group presentation using Powerpoint on three aspects of a low income country's health system.

You are a Policy Advising team in the Ministry of Health in a Low to Middle Income Country (of your choice from the list).

You have been delegated the task of developing a short presentation to highlight the 6 Building Blocks and future issues associated with an aspect of its Health System and any likely impact that a disease/disaster will have on it.

Your unit has been asked to do this as part of a plan by the Minister of Health to secure funding for a long term health System strategy.  It is in essence a “marketing” tool for action.

Working in teams of 6-7 you are to each cover the Building Block of your choice and then choose one disease or a disaster as a health problem of interest which impacts on the system. Each presentation to explain the following:

Presentation 1: Snapshot of the Health System of the nominated country and one considered issue (The description) 
– A brief description of the country and problem of interest 
– A brief description of each of the building blocks by each officer

Presentation 2: Weaknesses of your Country's health system (The analysis)

– a diagram illustrating the inter-relationship between the building blocks in the health system and the disease/disaster chosen, illustrating the complexity of the inter-relationships

– a description of the likely impact of the issues raised if nothing is done 
Presentation 3: Strengthening your Country's health system(The evaluation)

– Solutions from each of the Building Blocks to present to the Minister

– a discussion of what is needed to reduce the impacts on public health 
NO MORE THAN 12 slides,FONT SIZE -maximum 14pt

Our country which we discuss is YEMEN and the disease is cholera.

Need references in vancubar style.

Please make slides that can cover 10 mints speech bacause we have to cover our presentation within 10 mints and every health building block should be covered their data

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