1. Which of the following has largely been excluded from Canadian nursing history?

a.Female nurses’ role in psychiatric nursing
b.Mental health field of study
c.Male attendants’ role in institutions
d.Generalist registered nurses’ role

2. Which is true of asylums?

a.Short-term stays
b.Cognitive-behavioural therapy experts
c.Place where people with mental illness could be cured
d.Middle to upper socioeconomic status patients with mental illness received treatment

3. Which of the following represented a seventeenth– to eighteenth–century societal view of people with mental illness?

a.Restraints were not to be used on mentally ill patients.
b.Those with mental illness were immune to human discomforts.
c.Informed consent was required prior to admission to an asylum.
d.Patient neglect rarely if ever occurred in asylums.

4. The nurse is caring for a patient in an asylum in the mid-1800s in Canada. What would the nurse expect to implement?

a.Assisting with eating and dressing
b.Group therapy interventions
c.Electroconvulsive therapy
d.Antipsychotic medication administration

5. Who was instrumental in lobbying for the first mental health hospital in the United States and for reform in British and Canadian institutions?

a.Michel Foucault
b.Dorothea Dix
c.The Grey Nuns
d.Philippe Pinel

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