This public policy implementation & analysis classi’m Grad student i need Top writer to write an final essay :

Topic : (the marijuana policy in california)


Structure: The papers shall be organized, as follows:

1- What is the policy ?

2- What is the perceived or actual need for the policy?

3- What is the policy? Explain at what level of government the policy was formulated (National, multi-national, state or local.) Explain its main elements, what it’s supposed to do or prevent.

4-What is the purpose? This could be answered by the need but it should be expanded when appropriate.

5- Who will implement the policy? Who are the stakeholders (Who will benefit, who will be adversely affected)?

6- Use the “strategic triangle” as an analytical tool, discuss the topic . Remember to apply all the essential elements of the strategic triangle in your discussion. You may break down your discussion into short term and long term perspectives, as an option.

The essential elements of the strategic triangle :

1- is it substantively valuable ? That mean : the strategy must be substantively valuable in that the organization produces things to overseers , and beneficies at low cost in terms of money and authority .

2- is it legitimate / politically sustainable ? That mean : the strategy must be legitimate and politically sustainable.

3- Does it work ? That mean : the strategy must be operationally and administratively feasible in that the authorized valuable activities can actually be accomplished .

You have to answers all questions and all the essential elements of the strategic triangle

Implementation Record: The papers shall, at a minimum, explain what the policy has accomplished in relation to its stated goal (purpose). If possible, explain the problems with implementation, if any.

Eight (8) t pages, double-spaced, one-inch margin on the right.

By monday jul 21 I need an outline one paper to show my professor that i’m working on my topic .

Due date : Aug 3

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