The Style of Writing a Nursing Essay-

It is advisable to write in a simple style bereft of convoluted sentences and jargon. Your writing should have a convincing argument with the conclusion reflecting your thoughts and opinions and not merely a summary of the thoughts of other writers and critics. Be original and creative. Your essay should contain the information that you gathered from research, as well as exhibit your understanding of the subject. While writing your essay it is advisable to divide your essay into paragraphs.

Each paragraph should elucidate a separate idea. The paragraph should begin with an introductory sentence followed by the central idea, backed with examples and requisite information and examples. You should also ensure that you cite all the reference materials that you use. Be sure to proofread your research paper and check for punctuation errors, grammatical errors, errors in the construction of sentences, spellings etc.

Various Sources of Research as stated by experts offering nursing leadership essay help-
  1. Libraries
  2. JSTOR, an esteemed digital database that provides access to thousands of articles and journals to scholars and students in over one hundred and fifty countries.
  3. Internet

Ensure that your essay is free from plagiarism. Plagiarism can be termed as wrongful appropriation or stealing and publication of the thoughts, language, expressions or ideas of another writer and passing it off as one’s own. Plagiarism is an example of academic dishonesty, violates trust and is breach of ethics.

Using the writing of others without acknowledging them is an act of plagiarism. Students caught indulging in plagiarism, can fail in their exams, undergo academic probation, or even expulsion.

While writing an essay or any other piece of writing, it is absolutely mandatory to refer and cite your sources, clearly mentioning their origin and acknowledging the respective writers whose works who you have referred to while writing your essay.

A reference provides the readers the particulars about the source and offers an understanding of the nature of the source material that is used and also gives the reader an option to find the source if required. The references are always listed at the end of the essay. A citation informs the readers the source of a particular information.

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