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What is Academic Writing

Many young people are finding work online to overcome unemployment. Online writing training has been in great demand in Kenya, as well as academic writing training. However, online writing does NOT necessarily mean academic writing. The two have some common features.

As part of their semester's coursework, university students write academic papers. Academic writing requires you to read the relevant material, conduct thorough research, and write arguments that are well-thought-out. There are many types of academic writing. For example, philosophy and engineering papers are written in a different way than mathematics, physics, or engineering papers. Academic writing can be complex.

This is why you need to take a good course in academic communication. Academic writing discourse communities establish the limits and regularities for writing. They also control what is true and false, as well as what is considered reasonable and foolish.

Academic writing is restricted in comparison to article writing's freedom and flexibility. If you're looking for "how to do academic Writing in Kenya", then you have come to the right place.

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Most common academic writing styles

1. APA

It is important to learn academic writing styles from professionals. There are many online resources that offer free training in academic writing. The APA writing guide, commonly known as American Psychological Association (or APA) is a format used to cite sources for psychology education or social science papers. Because it allows students to communicate ideas consistently, the APA citation style format is crucial in these three disciplines.

APA writing format brief

The APA has four major sections;

The title page

The title page, which is the first page of a paper, contains information about its title, author, and institutional affiliation. The page should also contain the student's class number and the instructor for the course.

The abstract

An abstract is a summary of the paper, usually between 100-300 words. It follows the title page. The abstract summarizes the main points of the paper while also highlighting the purpose of the research or study, the research problem or design, and any conclusions or recommendations.

The main body paragraphs

The main body contains relevant information to support the title and thesis of the paper. These citations must be in APA format. (Surname 2020). This section is the most critical and should be supported by all relevant sources in each paragraph.


The conclusion is the last paragraph of an essay. It should summarize your arguments. The last sentence or two of an essay should be a brief summary that leaves readers satisfied with the information.






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