• Write a reflection about teaching and learning that has been on your heart and/or mind. Freely express your thoughts and questions regarding this topic/situation. Describe an incident that has occurred in the classroom that relates specifically to these thoughts and/or questions about your teaching and students’ learning. Read your reflection and write an area-of-focus statement, beginning with “The purpose of this study is to….”
  • Describe the process or plan you will use to locate literature relevant to your topic of interest. For example, a research topic might be to investigate reading strategies for accessing informational text. Describe how you will complete each of the following steps: 1) locate literature related to your topic, 2) access the literature, and 3) determine the criteria used to evaluate the credibility of the sources.
  • Design an action research project that addresses an area of interest or problem that you want to affect change by completing the nine-step action research plan described on  p. 61

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