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Law is one of the most sought-after courses in the curriculum of Universities and considered as the first step to a student’s path in the legal sector. In order to be a successful lawyer, it requires undeterred sincerity and confidence. Proper guidance is very essential in the study of law and learning the fundamentals as well as details of legal work.

It requires a lot of concentration and hard work to pass the examination of various fields in Law studies. Tax Law assignment studies is a sub-division of Law subject and involve various laws related to taxes being imposed by the Government for goods and services made available for the common people.

Students studying law need to be compliant with the Acts and Rules passed pertaining to taxes both past and current for proper implementation of taxes. At the college level, however, students may face difficulty in understanding the laws and regulations and may need taxation law assignment help.


There can be two broad division of Taxes: Direct Taxes and Indirect Taxes. There are broad areas which can be used for imposing taxes by the Federal / Union Government, the State Government, and the Local Government or Municipalities.

Once a tax is imposed on a particular service or commodity, it cannot be used to impose the tax by other sources. Double taxation is prohibited, and the same service cannot be taxed twice. If you take taxation law assignment help, the experts could help you understand the laws and help you in your assignment.

While studying the subject and still trying to frame a comprehensive understanding, assignments can seem to be an extra burden for students. If the assignments are in the subject of taxation, it would require a clear understanding of the laws before students can make assignments and submit to their mentors. Some detailed understanding of taxes which experts who provide taxation assignment help will provide are given below:

  • Taxes can only be imposed on services or commodities which are taxable such as income tax can only be imposed on a person’s income and service tax for a particular service such as cable or telephone and such like, sales tax on the sale of goods and commodities.
  • The ‘Charging section’ defines the link between the charging service and the charge that can be applied for it. If a person is not in the circle of being charged, then taxes cannot be applied to it according to I. R. v. Countess of Longford, 13 T.C. 573 (HL).
  • Taxes can be imposed on working machinery and provisions can be specified including procedure, assessment, and collection according to United Provinces v CIT., 204 ITR 794.
  • The  Federal and State Governments are protected from taxing each other according to the Doctrine of Immunity of Instrumentalities
  • Without proper law being passed a tax cannot be levied on an object or service. There is always a specific law which authorizes the Government to collect taxes. So, the Government can only apply taxes on broad areas or subjects instead of streamlined areas. As stated in Article 265 of the Constitution of India it is said that  ‘Taxes not to be imposed save by authority of law’.
  • Article 246 of the Constitution of India provides all the details necessary for constitutional provisions related to the distribution of legislative powers including the tax laws between the Centre and State.
  • New India Industries vs Union of India (AIR 1990 Bom 239): Doctrine of Unjust Enrichment clearly specifies that any tax which is levied illegally should be refunded.

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Students in college and Universities have to cope up with the vast syllabus of their course, handle weekly examinations, projects, and presentations and also deliver assignments over that. It can act as an extra burden for students, and they may not find the time to complete the assignments as well.

More often, it may happen that they will forget about the assignment and it will come back to them on the eleventh hour. So, in such cases, experts could provide Taxation Law Assignment help for a subject such as tax law which is difficult and requires an in-depth understanding of the subject.

Students may also be involved with extra-curricular activities, and it is important to have knowledge of arts as well for the all-round development of the student. It is a competitive world, and only good grades are not sufficient to achieve success. They may join art classes and some of their time could be spent away from studies which won’t leave them with much time for assignments.

Moreover, some students do part-time jobs and bring added income to meet their expenses and support the family. Studies together with a part-time job are not easy, and so in order to provide time to both, assignments are left undone. Experts who provide taxation law assignment help can give the proper help to students.

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