In this assignment, you will perform a SWOT Analysis of one of the following Texas based companies:  Armadillo Brewing Company (Denton), Ricos Products (San Antonio), or Sysco Corp (Houston). You will do secondary research to learn about the company and their industry. Then, you will put together a formal, well written paper, to be submitted in Canvas by the due date.

Instructions:  simply create a new Word document and include a write up that includes the sections below. Submit your finished product in Canvas.

This assignment includes the following sections:


Provide a brief paragraph that introduces your chosen company. Who are they? In what industry do they operate?


  1. Strengths: those things the company does well
  2. Weaknesses: those things the company does not do well
  3. Opportunities: trends or facts outside the firm that could benefit the company
  4. Threats: trends or facts outside the firm that could harm the company

For each SWOT category, you must identify at least three items. You must also list them in bullet point format, and provide a blank line (double space) between categories.

Analysis of SWOT

  1. Matching strengths to opportunities
  2. Conversion of weaknesses and threats

You must provide ideas for addressing the parts of your SWOT. Create one section for matching strengths to opportunities. Discuss how the company can use the strengths to capitalize on the opportunities. You should discuss every single identified opportunity. Then, create another section to discuss how the company can convert the weaknesses and threats into something positive. You should discuss every single identified weakness and threat.

This assignment will be evaluated on content and appearance, with 45 points devoted to the content and 5 points to the appearance. Deductions for appearance include style problems, grammar issues, spelling, typos, and lack of a logical flow. You must include blank lines between each section and between each category or component within each section. All sections must be clearly identified. The paper should be Times New Roman, 12 point font, double spaced, and the body text must be a minimum of 2 pages.

SWOT Analysis Rubric

Points Earned


45 points

35 points

20 points

5 points

All sections covered adequately.

Most sections covered adequately.

Some sections covered adequately.

Most sections not covered adequately.


5 points

3 points

0 points

All sections well written, clearly labeled, and done in required format

Some issues with appearance

Major appearance issues

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