Headings should be used in the making of Assignment
1. Executive Summary
2. Table of Contents
3. Introduction
4. Main body (3000 Words)
a) Select and evaluate the usefulness of a range of decision making tools and reflect on your decision making styles and contrast with other styles to determine the respective levels of rationality and intuition utilised.
b) Compare, contrast and critically evaluate sources of data as influences for decision making in a range of business contexts.
c) Examine and evaluate decision making systems and techniques to engage group decisions and analyse how these can enhance sustainable outcomes.
d) Critically examine emerging tools and technologies for decision making.
e) Share your MBTI/ Strengths finder results, decision preferences and any other psychometric tests which can help the team identify and act on differences between each other’s information preferences, decision styles, abilities and willingness to work together in a team.
f) Apply DM systems and techniques in a group to interrogate and interpret a range of data analytics pertinent to a relevant contemporary organisational challenge.
g) Evaluate these techniques to support effective DM in organisations
h) Engage as a team to present your findings in a visual and written form
i) Support your argument with relevant DM literature, including those from within the subject modules.
4. Recommendations
5. Conclusion 
6. References (Minimum 10 references and APA 6th edition style should be used for references)

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