review the systems model of organizations. Remember that everything is connected. Everything influences everything else. Every element in the model affects organizational (human) behavior. When viewed from such a systems perspective, what might diminish positive/productive organizational behaviors? For example, how might technology negatively affect human behavior, or how might organizational culture negatively affect human behavior, and so forth? Identify three to five of these types of “issues.” Provide brief examples from your organization that illustrate these problems where possible. In addition, how might you prevent and fix such issues?

Looking at all sides of a conflict is not an easy task. Several factors, which we may not be aware of, contribute to our understanding (or misunderstanding) and hence, influence the final choice. Consequently, people involved in the same conflict may arrive at different solutions caused by any of the following: Context the circumstances surrounding the issue, influences what parts are thought important or unimportant. For instance, if the individuals in a conflict are acquainted, the nature of the relationship matters. The bond between family members is very different than the one between friends .Gender, past experiences, education and age also act as a frame, modifying how the problem and the consequences are understood. Values, which are derived from personal beliefs, are grounded in traditional sources such as family, religion and school. They form an underlying framework which focuses our attention on certain aspects of a problem and may advocate for a particular choice. Values vary from individual to individual reflecting cultural, religious and other personal experiences and may play a greater role in conflict solutions arising in situations where points of law are not in question. Principles , which are sometimes derived from external sources such as institutions or ethical theories, typically provide guidance rather than specify an action.

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