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Assessment Task 2 – Information and instructions

Assessment Task 2: Legal case study addressing a public health issue
For this assessment task you will write a case study, in a report format, addressing the legislative and regulatory requirements of a contemporary public health issue. You are required to select a topic from the list provided below. If you have your own topic that you are interested in, you will need to first seek written approval from the Lecturer in Charge (LIC).

Due date
Monday 22 October (6:00 pm)

2,500 words (+/-10%)

To enable students to develop their legal knowledge of public health reforms, and the likely effect the implementation of these reforms may have on public health practice and individual health


Learning outcomes assessed
3, 4, 5

Turnitin (via the PUBH632 LEO page)

Marks and feedback will be provided via LEO

Assessment criteria
See marking criteria below


Select one of the following public health topics:

1) A voluntary health warning scheme for alcohol containers was implemented in Australia in 2011. Discuss the merits and disadvantages of voluntary industry self-regulation as an approach to providing health warnings for consumers on alcohol containers. In addressing this topic, you will need to discuss the literature about voluntary vs mandatory approaches to public health regulation as well as the circumstances in which the voluntary scheme was introduced and the research evidence about its effectiveness.

2) Discuss the regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems (e-cigarettes) in Australia. (Note: you will need to consider regulation at both national and state/territory levels). To what extent is Australia’s regulation of e-cigarettes consistent with the Framework Convention for Tobacco Control and the World Health Organization’s report on Electronic nicotine delivery systems…

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