Assignment 1 (400 words):

· How the content and assignments met the course objective(s)?

· Provide examples of actual or potential applications of the course week’s course concepts.

· Successes or challenges that you had for the week in terms of the course content.

This week’s reading: chapter 8,9, 10

This week’s reading: chapter 8,9, 10

Assignment 2

Summary :

The purpose of this assignment is to guide the student in developing and practicing skills for retrieving and reviewing the nursing literature. A review of the literature is a critical first step for discovering the current state of the science and gaps when implementing evidence into practice. Students will identify a nursing practice issues, provide an introduction, problem statement, search and retrieve nursing literature,identify themes, annotate several research articles, identify gaps in the evidence and discuss implications.

The purpose of this assignment is to gradually guide the student in developing the signature assignment. The idea is for the student to take stepwise approach to completing the signature assignment. The signature assignment will be broken up into three steps: STEP 1 – Introduction and Problem Statement; STEP 2 – PICOt, Databases and Search Terms; and STEP 3 – Three Themes and Annotated Bibliographies. The three steps will be put together with the final signature assignment in week 8. This assignment is STEP 1 – Introduction and Problem Statement.

Directions: for step 1

The student will use the Introduction and Problem Statement Template and complete the required items:

· Provide a Topic title that conveys or describes the assignment.

· Introduction (100 to 150 words) – Provide an introduction to your topic or project. The introduction gives the reader an accurate, concrete understanding of what the project will cover and what can be gained from implementation practice changes.

· Problem Statement (50 to 100 words) – Provide a concise description of the issues that need to be addressed in a practice or clinical situation.

· References – Provide references used in the template using APA 6th ed. Manual forma

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