NSB102: Professional Practice and Cultural Safety- Topical Health Care Issue- Essay Writing Assignment


Drawing on relevant items from the required weekly reading program for this unit and further research, you will undertake an analysis of a current topical health care issue in Australia following the detailed steps below.

You must examine the issue with reference to the principles of person-centered care, cultural safety, professional standards & regulatory  requirements.

The assignment includes an analysis of the impact of socio-political issues on health and on consumers’ experience of health services by considering the impact of dominant values, assumptions and processes shaping health care in Australia.

Choose one of the following health care issues:

Obesity; age/dementia, mental health; diabetes. Read up on these Australian National Health Care Priorities.

1. Write an introduction for your essay

To prepare your introduction undertake research by following this link to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to get a beginning understanding of the topic chosen. Undertake further research by accessing the QUT Library Catalogue.

Based on your reading and research write an introduction overviewing the health issue you have chosen

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