The project may be done in one of two ways but it should increase your understanding of negotiation and help you to put the concepts learned into practice. The term project must be completed individually. The maximum length is five double-spaced, typed pages, exclusive of tables, indices, etc. Your project should fall into one of the two categories below: 1.) Plan, execute, and describe a negotiation that you are planning on conducting for either a significant purchase (e.g., house, car, major appliance) a significant decision (e.g., a project at work, budgeting process) or a contract negotiation (e.g., a job negotiation or salary negotiation or a contract to provide services). In order to use this approach, you actually need to conduct the negotiation, that is, your plan needs to be put into action.
2.) Plan, execute, and describe a negotiation situation in which you negotiate something that isn’t traditionally negotiated. For example, you could go to a department store and negotiate a discount off of a full priced item. Another example would be to go to a fast food restaurant and negotiate a discount or free item.
The project will be evaluated on the following criteria: Intellectual understanding: How well do you understand and apply the concepts learned in the class?
Creativity: How much are you able to extend, modify, or elaborate on the concepts you employ?
Perceptiveness: How much are you able to bring meaningful order to the situation you choose to report (insight).
Organization: How clearly written and professionally presented is the paper?
THIS PROJECT IS DUE SATURDAY February 18th BY 11:59PM. Grading Criteria: The following general ranges for grades will be as follows: A Exceptional papers, well written, and incorporate generalizable points in the analysis.
B Good papers, that contain elements of an exceptional paper but either lack understanding of the process or generalizability.
C Average papers that contain one or two good points.

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