Primary Health Care Principles: National Health Priority- Nursing Case Study Assignment


Question 1: 
The social determinants of health inform the way we use primary health care to help communities to maintain health and wellness. Using relevant examples from the video, identify and discuss how two (2) social determinants of health 
helped determine the need for the project.

Question 2: 
using relevant examples from the video, identify and explain how 2 primary health care principles guided the project in the video.

Question 3: 
Identify one National Health Priority Area that will be impacted on as a result of the program. Explain how this has the potential to impact the health of children or adults in the community, now or in the future.

Question 4: 
Define cultural competence and cultural safety. Discuss why these concepts are important considerations when developing a program like the one in the video. Provide at least one example from the video where these concepts are demonstrated.

Aims of Assessment 
Explain the concept of health and wellbeing across the lifespan and its relationship to primary health care (PHC)

Describe the principles and practices of Primary Health Care (PHC) and the contemporary role of nurses and midwives within this framework

Discuss global health issues and the Australian National Health Priorities through examining the social determinants of health that underpin PHC

Identify the strategies for improving health outcomes and wellbeing through application of PHC principles

Identify issues and discuss strategies to improve the health of members of culturally diverse groups

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