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To run the business successfully, smoothly and in order to achieve goals and targets managing business activities of business is necessary for the success of any organisation as this helps in carrying on the business smoothly and achieving the goals as well. This is inclusive of tracing the wants of the business and enhancing the process of business. The assignment is dedicated to discuss the objectives, policies as to health and safety, quality gateway of ABC Company.

Task 1

1. Identify all major positions in the departments and draw an organizational chart

The ABC Company is basically a recruitment company and it provides its clients the required tools which they need in order to seek for the most capable individuals in any particular organisations. To describe the responsibilities and to decide the task cried out by each worker the organizational structure of such organisation is very helpful. Hierarchy assists in determining the responsibility of individuals to catering for the company’s vision and also states who is responsible in carrying out the required vision to achieve the goals. For a recruitment company the needed positions if varied department would be:

    1. Agency Director:Agency director acts as the key supervisor of whole of the organisation. Agency director takes care of the daily activities of the organisation, to develop the plans for achieving the organisation’s vision and to coordinate the tasks s to financial management. The director is to be considered under the title ‘general manager’ or ‘president’ depending upon the structure of the said company. Generally director is the owner operator of a business.
    2. Business Development Manager:To bring the clients inside theorganisation manger of the company work with the sales staff.  Business development manager works so the company generate lead, for creation of sales and also involve in strategies of sales staff to build good relationship.

Client suits to the purpose of the company are decided by the development manager. For instance, a company which deals specifically with the construction recruiting would make the recruited clients effective in programming and related aspect related to computers. 

    1. Recruitment Manager:Attracting the potential customers and generating the clients is the role of development manager. But recruitment manager plays role in developing the recruitment process and deploying it. This is also done with the help of recruiters. The goals are set in accordance to the job openings as to every recruiter.  
    2. Support Staff:The support staffs are required to make the operations run smoothly as recruitment company strives in getting the clients and candidates altogether. The legal staff supports by ensuring that the contracts are made legally with safe and favourable terms.  Computers, printers and other gadgets are to work properly and information technology staff does so. To check payrolls, expenses, invoices, accounting staff supports. The entire staff member is required to tackle their respective tasks properly (Hanks, n.d.)

(Academy Recruiters, n.d.)

2. List and identify the relationships between different functions/processes and explain the different functions and processes.

The various sorts of business processes explain the actions of the firm. Such processes are inclusive of business functions assisting in stating detailed activities of a firm as to production, achieving set goals, providing services. On the other hand concern of processes is to procure the inputs as they deals with services which are provided after sale of goods. Precisely, there are eight business processes combined with each other in key process of businesses whilst also in the processes connected to business support, by this they relate the operations and key business of the organization and together they represent the vital actions of the company. Following five basic processes are there in core business processes:

  • Logistic, Distribution and Procurement: as name suggests them deals with obtaining, storing inputs and transport finished goods.
  • Operations: operations transform inputs into outputs.
  • Service/product Development: These activities are concerned for the new, better improved, redesigned product and the services also. For development they are close to designing, researching, analysing market and engineering too.
  • Marketing, sales and customers’ accounts: These activities include promotion, advertisements, telemarketing, selling as they inform the buyers regarding product and services.
  • After sale services and the customers: once customer purchases the product, after sale services assist support. Instances of such activities are call-centre services, help-desk services, warranties and guarantees.

Support business processes have:

  • Firm’s General Management and Infrastructure which deals with management, accounting, building, administration’s support etc.
  • Human Resource Management, which are concerned with training, hiring, recruiting and providing compensation.
  • Process Development and Technology are the activities dealing with the equipment’s designing, redesigning, software, hardware, automation, etc. (Brown, n.d.)

3. List the key aims, objectivesandmission of ABC Company and draw a process map for any one of the functions.

Basic aims, objectives and mission of the company are as follows:

    1. ABC Company being a recruitment company required to care the needs of clients. It has to assess and developed the consultancy to aid the organisations in bringing competent strategy in regards to human resource. Company is involved in external and internal sourcing to assist the organisation in achieving their objectives.
    2. Such company requires talent and they analyse that and strive to make it available readily to others. The aim of analyses is to screen the candidates and to evaluate them as per requirement of the organisation. 
    3. The primary objective of the ABC Company is to select the suitable candidates and putting them on best job. Successful placement of the candidates shows the sign of being best company.  It also assists in matching the skills, talents and knowledge of the candidate requiring the desired job. 
    4. ABC provides opportunity by job allowing applicants to submit their CVs, resumes and other documents. This is another objective of the company.  The ABC Company also maintain huge database of vacancies as to invite applicants for job.  

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