Assignment 2015 
These two assessment tasks are worth 100% of your total mark. 
Total Word limit: 2000 words (excluding references).Please note that marks will be deducted if the word count of each part of your 
Exam exceeds 10% of the limit for each question. 
Marks will be deducted for late submissions in accordance with the School’s policy on late assessments. Instructions for completing the 
Assessment tasks: -Answer both parts. – 
Submit Part 1 (health economics) and Part 2 (health policy) as separate documents-The marks awarded for each question are enclosed in brackets following the question. These represent the percentage that each question contributes to your overall mark for 
The unit. 
Do not place your name anywhere on your answer. Put your ID on the cover and at the top right corner of each page, or include it in a header or footer. -Number the pages. -You should answer each question in your own words. Anything not in your own words must be placed in quotation marks, referenced and cited appropriately. 
Submission instructions:-Each part of the assessment tasks should be saved as a separate word document, named as follows: 
Student number- 
Part 1HealthEconomicsOR student number- 
Part 2HealthPolicy 
Indicate your own student number where ‘student number ‘is written above.-Your completed papers must be lodged electronically using the Blackboard site for PUBH5032. In doing so you will be making an electronic declaration of the authenticity (originality) of your work. -In the assignment drop box there please upload Section 1 and Section 2 separately.-Please DO NOT submit a separate paper copy of your assignment. Electronic submission of your exam answer will be sufficient to meet requirements.- 
If, for any reason, you are unable to submit your assignment electronically, please email a 
Immediately, so that we have evidence that you attempted to submit the assessment tasks on time. We will then contact you to guide you through the process of submitting online. -You must be aware and follow the University policy on plagiarism. 
Health Economics 
50 marks (50% of total marks) 
1000 words, excluding references 
Marks will be deducted if your response to these questions exceeds the word limit by more than 10 
Should we leave consumption of health care to the market? Why? (Provide references as necessary) 
Health Policy 50 Marks (50% of total marks) 
1000word limit (excluding references) 
Marks will be deducted if your response to this question exceeds the word limit by more than 10% 
Essay question: 
Policy is not merely a technical exercise. Explain your response with reference to the policy triangle using the HPV case study (provide references as necessary).

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