What are the key concepts needed to be conceptualized for preparing the MA619: Professional Accounting Research Report?

The key concept that needs to be underlined is the relation between Accounting as a discipline and the uses of modern technologies. How the advancement of modern technologies strengthens a business organization to focus on the development of the field of accounting systems and software can be reflected in the review of Literature. You have to give an insight into the retrospective study of the evolution of the Accounting industry and how several jobs of

Accounting like billing, creating invoice and ledger, and so many other things are being performed with the help of Artificial intelligence and Information-Communication technology. The work has become faster and easier but you have to give your critical insight and conceptual framework for enumerating the functionality of different software so that the research area can be witnessed as a prominent and detailed one. In case of issues, feel free to avail our accounting assignment help.

Can you simply elaborate on a few important concepts?

One important technology can be discussed here concerning Professional Accounting, which is Blockchain Technology which is a growing and popular technology in the Management of business as well as Accounting. Blockchain technology has already supplemented two previous technologies like ERP (Enterprise resource planning) and Database technology. It has been found in several studies that the efficiency of Blockchain technology is quite higher than the previous ones. Blockchain technology allocates power in the system to all the accepted nodes while ERP is planned in an integrated arrangement.

Blockchain technology is highly efficient in preventing cyber-attack while ERP or Database is not that efficient. Blockchain management is currently being used as in the supply chain management of the business utilizing the Internet Of Things. Many important organizations like Bank of America, Samsung, Toyota, Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are using this technology to enhance the capability of their Account system.

The MA619 Research Report requires a good knowledge of the various concepts and field studies that may seem to be strenuous for many students who are to simultaneously do jobs to self-finance their higher education. The students facing problems in preparing the MA619: Professional Accounting assignment can get a fresh copy of the authentic assignment from Writers24x7.com at a pocket-friendly price.

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