The Migration Act 1958 that the Parliament of Australia laid deals with all the legal procedures governing immigration to Australia. Or in other words, it covers all the legislation related to the entry permits to Australia or the Australian Visa System. This forms the basis of the unit LML6002 Graduate Diploma in Migration Law.

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A Closer Look At LML6002 Unit

To approach the assignments, you need to have a firm command over the essentials that LML6002 entails. Therefore, our law assignment writers have enlisted a few of them for you:

  1. Fundamentals of the Australian Migration Law
  2. Australian Migration Law history
  3. Role of migration agents
  4. How the immigration system of Australia developed
  5. The structure of Australia’s immigration system legislation
  6. Establishment of the Migration agent profession
  7. Basics that fall in Australia’s visa system

So, the assignments that fall under Graduate Diploma in Migration Law mainly deal with these aspects and are classified into two broad types.

Two Assessments That Our Law Assignment Help Experts Cover For LML6002 Unit

In addition to the examination that contributes 45% to the overall grades for the unit, students come across two assignments as well before they complete studying it. Our panel of professional academicians has specialized in both of them. So, let us discuss each of the assignments in detail.

Assignment 1

In the first assignment, your task will be to evaluate the decision of the court concerning Migration law critically in 1100 words. This assignment contributes 20% to the overall marks for the unit.

Assignment 2

In 2000 words, the task in the second assignment is to provide an alternative resolution for a plethora of complex problems governing areas such as ethical practices, migration law and all the policies that are applicable in the legislative procedures related to this.

Let us now focus on the assignments in detail and see how our law assignment help experts approach them.

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