Question 4 (15 marks)

Investigate the emerging wireless broadband services available in Australia and compile a brief report of around 1400 words. Your references may come from websites, white papers, government documents or published conference or journal papers. Your report should include brief descriptions of underlying technologies and protocols, bandwidth and QoS issues, recommended usages and the geographical areas covered as well as any other relevant information on such networks. Please ensure that you understand the term wireless broadband first before you undertake your literature research.

Your report should include only the body (about 1200 words), conclusion (about 200 words) and the reference list (Do not include the executive summary, table of contents and introduction). Use the sub-headings given in the template and include in-text references in the body of the report. Use Harvard style of referencing for the list of references and in-text references.

Marks allocation:


1. Underlying technologies and protocols. (3 marks)

2. Bandwidth and QoS. (3 marks)

3. Usages. (3 marks)

4. Geographical areas covered. (1.5 marks)

5. Any other relevant information. (1.5 marks)


A well written coherent conclusion (2 marks)


Adhered to Harvard reference style (1 mark)

Question 5 (6 marks)

Answer the following questionsin relation to Wi-Fi Direct technology. Your answers should include in-text references and a reference list:

a) Briefly describe its purpose? (1 mark)

b) What is its transmission distance from radio to radio? (1 mark)

c) Which standard covers this technology? (1 mark)

d) What is the security method used? (1 mark)

e) Discuss whether the creation of a Wi-Fi Direct multi-hop network is possible or not (use approximately 200 words). (2 marks)

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