This assignment is for my online course History 012
Compose a 6-8 page term research paper on the following topic which fully addresses the question and contains an introduction, thesis, body, and conclusion and uses evidence to support its analysis and to prove its thesis. The paper must be formatted double-spaced and in a standard 10 or 12-point font.

The focus of your paper should be on the historical events, attitudes, and context of the issues you are analyzing and evaluating, focusing on primary sources to provide the majority of your evidence, while not additionally relating the topic to relevant current issues/events. You MUST cite your sources within the paper – either with parenthetical references or footnotes – and provide a bibliography using any standard citation format you choose – failure to do so will impact your grade. In addition, the paper must be proofread for grammar and spelling errors – failure to do so will also impact your grade. Please note that wikipedia, encyclopedias, and other .org websites are NOT proper nor accepted source for college term papers! All papers will be submitted to a plagiarism detection program and plagiarism of any kind will result in the term paper receiving a final grade of 0 – DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!

While working on the paper, make sure to click “continue later” if you wish to save your work and continue at a later time – DO NOT CLICK FINISH as this will submit whatever you have done at that point as your final paper!

1. After identifying the basic ideals of Progressivism by using the primary source documents in 1912 and the Power of Progressivism, analyze and compare the positions and philosophies of William Jennings Bryan, Theodore Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson regarding America’s roles in World affairs and in the purpose and goals of American participation in foreign wars and diplomacy and then evaluate whether America’s global actions in the 20th and early 21st Century are consistent with the ideals of Progressivism, whether they have been more consistent with Bryan’s, T. Roosevelt’s, or Wilson’s philosophies, which of these men’s philosophies you most agree with, and whether America would have been “better” or “more effective” in having pursued a different path over the past century and a quarter and why. You should focus on primary sources you discover in your research as well as those contained in 1912 and the Power of Progressivism as your primary evidence in your analysis of Progressivism and of Bryan’s, T. Roosevelt’s, and Wilson’s positions and make certain to analyze the context and scope of America’s actions fully (wars, diplomacy, relations) over the entire course of the period contained within the question (ca. 1881-present) to provide the most complete analysis possible.

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