Question: Think of World Health and the Allocation of Health Care. How should Health Care be allocated? Do all human beings have a claim and right to proper Health Care? How should we pay for Health Care systems? How should Health conditions that threaten large segments of the World’s populations be handled?

Task: Response to the two statements separately with a minimum of 100 words each. Respond to each statement with whether you agree/disagree and include one quote and reference citation from an attached reading and reference provided with each statement and also based on the question stated above.

Statement 1

2. Think of World Health and the Allocation of Health Care. How should Health Care be allocated? The consideration of Health Care allocation should be based on a number of elements such as people’s needs, supply and demand, available resources, geographic locations and communities. There is also the consideration of what risks needs to be reduced which should be based on the importance of the population factors and who faces them and how to best reduce those risks. (Daniels, 2016) Do all human beings have a claim and right to proper Health Care? I think all humans should have a claim and right to proper Health Care if they need it which includes hospitals, clinics, medicines, and doctor services. Health care should be affordable, inclusive and physically accessible as much as possible for everyone where and when needed. As the reading Public Health of Ethics states “All things considered, having public health regulation is better than not having it. Public health decisions made on the basis of overall statistics and demographic trends are ultimately better for each one of us, even if particular interventions may not directly benefit some of us.” However, I am not sure how this would be paid for or made affordable for everyone. How should we pay for Health Care systems? I think devising a way to pay for an holistic Health Care System may be a struggle but may be able to be achievable through government regulated Health Care which tax payers would pay a special government tax to contribute to the cost and the government would then be able regulate and negotiate drug prices and medical services which would eliminate the need for the large private health insurance administration. (Goodman, 2014) How should Health conditions that threaten large segments of the World’s populations be handled? They should be reviewed and assessed by the responsible government entities individually and then collectively reviewed and prioritized globally on how to best be addressed and when.


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Statement 2

Health Care is such a hot topic, especially in the United States. It’s one of those that can cause division on who deserves what. Health Care should be allocated to all those who need it. However it does not need to be on a basis of egalitarianism. Which would eliminate some people from treatment because what some would deem poor choices. “In this case, the fundamental issue is well illustrated by the example of lung cancer and smoking. If someone has a treatable case of lung cancer, we might ordinarily reasonably presume that it would be unjust to deny him medical care. However, if his cancer is due to a heavy, life-long smoking habit, the question arises of whether the ordinary presumption is defeated or diminished in strength. For instance, if there is a choice to be made (say, because of resource scarcity) between treating him and treating another lung cancer patient who is in no way responsible for her lung cancer, does justice require preferring the second patient” (Stanford Encyclopedia). In my opinion, all human beings should have access and the right to health care. If the oath of those in the medical profession is to do no harm, allowing someone to suffer or simply die slowly because of lack of care would be neglectful. In whatever country, the taxes that are paid should be how the government pays for it. Tax dollars are decided to be spent in a variety of ways. Health care is another area where those tax dollars could be spent. Also there are many things that my tax dollars go to that I don’t necessarily agree with, this is one that I would hope most could get behind. Health conditions that happen should be worked on, on a global scale. The last two medical conditions that come to mind are the Zika virus outbreak or even the Ebola scale. With these two diseases affecting entire regions it was essential that the professional working on the car communicated often, with no pretense. Scientists and doctors in the medical field must all work together.

works cited:

“Justice, Inequality and Health.” Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Accessed 26 June 2018.

Note: Responses should be based on attached reading. Statement one response should have a minimum of 100 words and statement two should have 100 word response as well. Both responses should be separate and should have separate references.

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