how health (mental health) affects economic development ??Document Preview:

Final Paper Guidelines Development Economics Fall 2015 Dr. Elias 1. For the final paper, pick a particular development issue/topic of your choice. You can work individually or you can work in groups of 2. 2. Students are expected to use some relevant data for the paper. Your syllabus has some useful to access data. The links can also be used for background readings. You may also consult some government data sources or other sources (if needed). 3. While working on your paper, please remember that the most important thing is novelty (your value added) to the discussion of the topic. That is, have you tried to look at the issue from a unique perspective? Have you identified a gap in the literature? Have you discussed the ideas using your own words? Also very important is, how you try to bring the theories/models that were discussed in the course to support your arguments. 4.Your paper should include: a. Title page with an abstract b. Introduction ( include a discussion of the purpose of the research here and an over view of the topic) c. Statement of major contribution (s) (value added) d. A descriptive statistics of the data you use and put each chart and graph e. Discussion/Analysis f. Conclusion g. Appendices h. References 5. The paper should be approximately 15 pages excluding charts, tables and graphs. 6. Prepare a short oral presentation (15 minutes plus 3 minutes for Q &A). Important Dates October 28, 2015 Submission of topics for approval November 18, 2015 Annotated Bibliography th th Week of December 20 or 27 Presentations Thursday, December 31, 2015 Final paper submission You need to submit a hard copy as well as an electronic copy on blackboard (Safe Assignment).Please note the following points: 1. Overall – Interest and creativity. Did you come up with something interesting and creative? 

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