HCS 433 Week 2 Health Promotion Project Outline Learning Team Assignment – Health Promotion Project Outline Begin working on Health Promotion Project that is due Week Five. Prepare a 10-15 slide PowerPoint presentation accompanied by a brochure, poster or flyer that promotes as well as summarizes the chronic health issue in older adults and the health promotion program your team designed to address the issue. The final presentation should be a completed project to be conducted at your selected location(s). Prepare the PowerPoint presentation for your target audience. In the PowerPoint include: a) Demographics specific to proposed clientele for the program b) Information on the chronic health issue selected including national statistics and impact on the individual c) Clear explanation of what the HPP event will be and how it will benefit the participants & older adults in the Community d) Costs/Budget of the health promotion project e) Funding for program f) Timeframe for implementation of health program g) Location(s) for the HPP program h) Personnel needed for program implementation i) Plan for promotion of program Use a minimum of five academic references to support your presentation. See “Health Promotion Project” on the resource page for more information.

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