Health Promotion: Australian Population- Proposal Report Writing Assignment


Develop a proposal which addresses an identified need within the population in a chosen priority area

It’s about 2500 words and due date is on 16 October 2016.It’s about proposal of health promotion. You need to choose any Australian population based upon any vulnerable groups. This proposal should address an identified need and reflect the current health promotion strategies and frameworks. It should be like ‘REPORT’ with subheadings as well as appendices.
1. Identify the issues requiring change applicable to your local government with strong rationale.
2. Identify the objective for the health promotion projects and describes the strategies the project will use to address the objectives (short and long term).
3. Provide a plan for implementation of the project (action plan or teaching plan for part of program or both) including resource to implement the project.
4. Develop and Discuss proposed evaluation plan for your project supported by the literature.
5. Use evidence from the literature to back up the development, implementation and evaluation of the proposal.
6. Include reference list of any source materials use from others. For example: if you adapt or use other program evaluation format and adjust it to suit your own program.References must be from original sources.
7. Include as appendices to your submission to the following documents:
8. A proposed teaching plan (1-2pages) a table format can be used as part of your plan for implementation which will discuss in the body of your work.
9. One example of an evaluation strategy or an evaluation process (survey) suitable for the project.

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