Project 2: Fraud Examination Term Paper

Each student will select a fraud examination topic to research and write their term paper on. It can be on any fraud, investigation, or forensic accounting topic subject to instructor approval.

Please use Canvas Inbox and message Professor Dore to have your topic approved by Sunday, June 17th. 
Your paper should prove your research and knowledge of the topic. Feel free to use real world examples if applicable.
Consider your audience to be a reasonable informed business person. Papers should be 8 – 10 full pages (numbered, double-spaced), standard 12-point font, with one-inch margins, not including graphs, charts, bibliography, footnotes, cover page, or executive summary. Use at least three written references from current accounting or auditing journals (excludes textbooks). Avoid needless filler. There should be few direct quotes. Include a bibliography with only works cited within the body of the paper. Proper APA Format should be used. Please remember to include citations within the body of your paper where necessary. 
Using transitions, your body should develop your main points. Sign, state, support, and summarize (the 4 S’s) your main points. Your conclusion should have some tie in to your introduction and summarize your main points.

It is required that your paper be submitted through within Canvas to check for plagiarism. You should see this option when you go to submit your paper in Canvas. Please contact Professor Dore with questions prior to June 21st.

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