Family Selection and Factors Impacting Health and Wellness
In this first assignment for the Project,  provide an outline of your approach to planning, health screening, and health prevention/promotion for your family and describe the determinants (bio-psycho-social-cultural, and lifestyle factors) that impact this family’s health and wellness. Identify if you think this family has a health disparity and/or may be at risk and describe why.
 Scoring Rubric: Family Selection and Factors Impacting Health and Wellness. 

1.  Outline of plan – description of your selected family, 
including each person in family name (initials), age, gender…,  
2. Description of factors affecting your family and their impact on health and wellness (economics, health, education, resources, age, access, support, family relationships,….) 
3.  Identification of health disparity related to your family
4. Accurate spelling and grammar, correct APA formatting (bold and center criteria) 

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