Exploring Web Designing as the Field of Study:

As mentioned above, web designing is a highly skill oriented learning program. It requires a keen observation and an always curious mind to design any webpage or website effectively. Though it is majorly a practically inclined subject however, it demands the successful accomplishment of a number of web designing assignments in order to assess the student on his/her ability to effectively create a layout for a well-built web page.

And to successfully accomplish any web designing assignment, one must be aware about the certain basic concepts of web designing that go in to the designing of any web page. Hence, to make things a little less complicated for the students,

we enlist some of the basic concepts of web designing:-

  • Targeting the Audience: This is one such skill which constitutes to be a pre requisite for the web designing learners. The first and foremost step in the process of designing any webpage or website is to identify the potential readers or viewers.
  • A precise identification of the audience base helps in creating relevant and significant content to be put up on the website. An assignment related to web designing assesses the candidate on his/her skills to acknowledge the right audience. Hence while creating a web designing assignment, a student must appropriately mention about the target audience for which he/she is designing the webpage or site.
  • Providing Engaging Content: A website is all about putting the right thing in front of the reader and hence the job of a web designer is not only restricted to mere designing of the web site but also provide relevant content to be put up on the web page.
  • The content must be engaging and must capture the essence of the main theme about which the website is being created in the first place. The information must be accurate and must be kept short and crisp. The language of the text must be sharp and must incite eagerness in the viewer or reader.
  • The main test of any web designer lies in the traffic he/she is able to generate on the particular site and hence an engaging and relevant content helps in achieving the desired results.
  • Ensuring a Smooth User Interface: An interface to a website is the soul of the entire project hence a web designer must design the interface considering flexibility and an easy usage. A bulky and clumsy website looks unwelcoming to the viewers and hence they resist in revisiting the page.
  • Therefore, the user interface of the website must be kept simple and the icons or bars must be eye catching and simple. People resort to internet to cut the chaos of normal dealing, hence a website must be designed keeping in mind all these necessary points.

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