Explore issues in health equity and health disparities in:

* Brazil

* India

* Morocco


2) You can do this fairly easily by searching for “health disparities in country yyy”. You will find an abundance of information and want to use first information from reports of major agencies such as the World Bank, World Health Organization, key NGOs that focus on equity concerns, governments, and articles in major journals, such as The Lancet. You may also use information provided in Gapminder.org

3) In terms of the “what,” you should focus your exploration on:

*Access to health care services

*The availability of financial protection through universal insurance coverage for the poor

*Health status/outcomes

4) In terms of the “who,” you should focus on:

*Locational disparities

*Ethnic/racial disparities

*Socioeconomic disparities

5) Post a link to your information on each country in this assignment. You will get full credit for providing at least one link to health disparities information on each country. Bring a printed copy of a profile, an article, or data on health or health related disparities in each country to the next class.

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