Selectone of the health care service providers identified in your Week Three assignment, Health Care Providers and Products.

Prepare an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes that discusses the health care service provider selected.

Include the following in your presentation:

  • Identify the selected health care service provider selected.
  • Identify two additional services and products he or she provides.
  • Identify the roles of various stakeholders and emerging roles within the health care service provider selected.
  • Explain how the services and products are financed or paid for.
  • Identify current and future trends that may have an impact on this provider of health care services.

Cite at least 3 peer-reviewed or scholarly references and your textbook to support your presentation.

Format your presentation according to APA guidelines. Your presentation must include an introduction slide, conclusion slide, and a reference slide.Document Preview:

Healthcare Provider and Products HCS/235 05 February 2018 James York Dr. Ky Borgstadt The underlying assignment has fostered discussion on two health care service providers-a) End-of-life care, b) Indian Health Services. These two health service providers are selected for discussing nature of health care service provided by them along with products and services offered for providing quality of care. The health care service provider can be understood as an individual or entity strive for providing preventing and curative health care services, in a systematic manner, to people, families and communities. The scope of health care service provider is quite wide as it operates in wide branches of health care, such as nursing, medicine, surgery, etc. However, the two selected health care service providers are operating in public or community health for common good of the society (Healey and Evans, 2014). This health care service provider is understood as health care professionals fostering care and treatment to those who are suffering from a terminal illness or condition, reached in advanced or incurable stage. It should not be understood as assisting patients, just in their last stage or final hours of their lives. The main purpose of this health service provider is to provide a spiritual care to the people in their last stage of illness (End-of-life care, 2018). Many times, it appeared quite difficult for family members to decide what to do or not, in case their loved ones are facing incurable or terminal illness. They are suffering emotionally due to impending death of their loved ones, which lost their conscious behaviour and communication mode. End-of-life care fulfils this need through providing gentle and spiritual care to patients, and, providing emotional support to their family members, in this difficult time (Lee, 2014). 

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