During the past five weeks, you have written several papers examining various organizational behavior problems that materialize in organizations. Review all of those papers and other course material. Put together a final project paper that presents the key diagnostic insights you have made during the course. In essence, your paper should answer the questions “What goes wrong in organizations?”? and “How do leaders prevent and fix those issues?”? Your focus should be on organizational behavior issues and root causes of such problems. Avoid simple descriptions of tasks or operations; focus on the deeper human issues. The resulting document will provide you with a practical resource for interacting in your present and future organizations.

Based on your findings, write a four- to six-page paper in APA format.

Here is a need for further research on motivation, therefore my goal is to reveal what it is that motivates all employees to perform at their best and achieve optimal business results at all times.The inherent problem I have identified is that many employers have attempted several different incentive programs to motivate their employees, yet they have not worked for everyone in the company.This is a major problem faced by employers these days, due to the fact that each employer’s company is founded on the strength of its employees’ performance.

One of the traditional components of management along with planning, organizing, and controlling, is motivating. 

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