How is Malala describing her emotions after she was shot?

Is she conscious and aware of her surroundings?

What does she mean when she says ”the images seemed very real, yet I knew they couldn’t all be”?

Why does she call it a nightmare?

Page 162

”The doctors and nurses offered complicated explanations for why I didn’t recall the attack. They said the brain protects us from memories that are too painful to remember. Or, they said, my braid might have shut down as soon as I was injured. I love science, and nothing more than asking question upon question to figure out the way things work. But I don’t need science to figure out why I don’t remember the attack. I know why: God is kind to me.”

celebrity, n.

The state or fact of being well known, widely discussed or publicly esteemed. Later usually: personal fame or renown as manifested in (and determined by) public interest and media attention.

In early use frequently synonymous with fame, but later often distinguished as referring to a more ephemeral condition (cf., e.g., quot. 1863), or as associated with popular as opposed to high culture

A well-known or famous person; (now chiefly) spec. a person, esp. in entertainment or sport, who attracts interest from the general public and attention from the mass media.

The power of celebrity: #Wearesilent campaign

How does the media reflect on Malala and her fame?

Do you think she is a hero(ine) like Malalai or she has become a celebrity figure much like Selena Gomez and Emma Watson? How are they similar or different from her?

hero, n.

Classical Mythol. and Ancient Greek Hist. A man (or occas. a woman) of superhuman strength, courage, or ability, favored by the gods; esp. one regarded as semi-divine and immortal. Also in extended use, denoting similar figures in non-classical myths or legends.

A man (or occas. a woman) distinguished by the performance of courageous or noble actions, esp. in battle; a brave or illustrious warrior, soldier, etc. Cf

A man (or occas. a woman) generally admired or acclaimed for great qualities or achievements in any field.

The central character or protagonist (often, but esp. in later use not necessarily, male) in a story, play, film, etc.; esp. one whom the reader or audience is intended to support or admire

Heroism and Malala

In chapter five, Malala describes being caught cheating. Her father tells her stories of heroes who made mistakes, including Mahatma Gandhi and Abraham Lincoln. Later she says that it is hard to reconcile mistakes and forgiveness in her culture, a culture wherein people are taught to seek revenge and not to forgive and forget. What insight does this episode provide regarding the culture of Pakistan or Malala’s character?


I am Malala


After the shooting, confusion seemed to be the most prevalent emotion. Doctors, dignitaries, the army, the family, and friends heard and shared different stories. Of course, some of this confusion was detrimental to Malala’s medical treatment. At one point, Malala wrote about her father’s feelings, “In our society, if someone dies, you feel very honored if one dignitary comes to your home. But now he was irritated. He felt all these people were just waiting for me to die when they had done nothing to protect me.” A similar emotion occurs when dignitaries visit a disaster site. Why do dignitaries become involved in dramatic events? Is this a benefit to anyone involved or a hindrance to disaster relief? What should dignitaries do to lend support and offer sympathy?

I am Malala


Malala mentions that her father had a visitor — a major for military operations in Swat. He called Malala “our daughter” because “now I was seen as the daughter of the nation.” Why would the Pakistani people embrace Malala figuratively the way after she was injured by the Taliban? Did they feel the same way about her before she was injured? Now that Malala and her family are settled in Pakistan, do you think that the people in Pakistan still see her as their “daughter”?

The end of the memoir

How does her memoir end?

What does she discuss in her epilogue?

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