1.  Which are correct statements about diversity in the workplace?

____ Workplace diversity includes invisible attributes such as your generation, sexual orientation, and marital status.

____ In companies that foster workplace diversity, people from different backgrounds are encouraged to emphasize their differences.

____ Diverse workplaces create an inclusive culture that values the contribution of only a few workers

____ A huge part of workplace diversity is about avoiding monoculture and welcoming the different perspectives diversity provides.

____ Workplace diversity can provide business advantages.

2.  Identify correct statements about diversity in the workplace (place an x by correct statements).

____ The concept of workplace diversity includes only attributes that are visible, such as physical abilities and experience.

____ Workplace diversity is about encouraging and helping people from different backgrounds to work together effectively.

____ To foster workplace diversity, companies should create a culture that values everyone’s contribution, not just the contribution of a few people or groups.

____ Workplace diversity means emphasizing monoculture and enhancing acceptance of only one or two perspectives.

____ Workplace diversity can provide business advantages over peers who don’t foster diversity.

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