·         Discuss the role and importance of organizational culture in promoting organizational change, organizational learning, and quality of healthcare.


·         Explain how teamwork is used in the CQI process and its impact on the process.


Health plans can be evaluated by viewing report cards at the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The NCQA develops standards and performance measures in order to recognize and implement improvement in health care. Report cards results are reached by assessment of health plan processes, clinical quality, and member satisfaction.

Visit the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) web site,

and click on “Creating a Report Card” for instructions on how to create a report card about health plans in your state. Please do state TEXAS.  Include the following information in your initial post:

The number of health plans with an “excellent” rating, the significance of an “excellent” rating, and the accreditations for the plans. Do you think that health plan report cards are valuable? Why or why not?

TOPIC 4: During the week address the following questions:

1.   Take a look at the various technologies that are in your family or living room. What “common” items are present now that the typical family could not possibly have had 100 years ago?

Note: While you are limited in the variety of technology that you have in your homes, please try to answer differently than your classmates. You might answer with a technology that you do not have, but wish to have, or currently use in another place or room.

2.   Have these technological advancements improved your quality of life? Explain.

3.   In what ways does technology negatively impact your life?

4.   People often talk about the modern conveniences provided by technology, but they rarely discuss the long-term effects that these technologies might have on the world. Beyond the individual, explain how technological advancements impact the planet — for the good or bad?

5.   Conduct some additional research and present at least one resource (in APA format) that discusses a positive or negative impact of technology. Be sure to add a brief summary of the resource presented.

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