Click here for printable version: Parent Night Project Instructions & Grading Rubric   VCCS Objective: Demonstrate health promotion and disease prevention strategies for the preschool setting. NAEY

Click here for printable version: Parent Night Project Instructions & Grading Rubric

VCCS Objective:Demonstrate health promotion and disease prevention strategies for the preschool setting.

NAEYC Standard 2b. Supporting and empowering families and communities through respectful, reciprocal relationships


Imagine you are having a “Parent Night” in order to educate parents on a specific topic regarding health, safety, or nutrition. Create a PowerPoint on a relevant topic.

It must:

  • Be a relevant topic regarding health, safety, or nutrition- be creative!
  • Be at least 20 slides
  • Include photos and at least ONE video
  • Include at least 10 referenced facts on the subject
  • Include at least 5 detailed suggestions for parents to incorporate the new knowledge with their children (1 per slide, at least)
  • Include a Reference slide (doesn’t count towards 20 slides) for all facts and suggestions


Peanut allergies. I’d include 10 pertinent facts, and then 5 suggestions to alternatives such as Sun butter, almond butter, Nutella, Soynut butter, and Chocolate Soynut butter. I’d include photos of each product, prices, and where they can be purchased.

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