Assignment Overview
This assignment will help you engage in the conversation that is research, enabling you to find relevant works related to the topics. Research allows you to discover a greater understand of the topic, a wider picture of the field of research around the topic and gain an understanding of broader field that researchers work in. 
Your primary goal is to research one topic, that has been allocated to you. During your search for relevant papers, reading each in turn will aid you to gain an understanding of the topic. This will help you to create a report exploring the issues in the allocated topic and discuss the differences between to two areas to be compared. You may identify the main keywords, defining each, then from your academic papers, compare the concepts using arguments discussed in the papers.
Provided below are URLs for two recommended search platforms that index a wide variety of academic research papers. You will also need to keep a list of references to the academic papers used – in an appropriate tool such as Endnote or Zotero – in an appropriately formatted bibliography. You will also need to provide a basic literature review, presented as a table that lists all the academic papers in your bibliography, along with a number of columns listed below that help you indicate why these academic papers are relevant to the topic. Submit the references exported from your referencing management tool.
• Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Networks
• Demonstrate you are able to research relevant topics
• Demonstrate you are able to articulate the algorithms and design choices used Topic Aims • Introduce students to the fundamentals of the networked systems they use 
• Illustrate the relationship between operating systems and network management 
• Demonstrate the fundamentals of network security requirements 
• Provide students with a working knowledge of network configuration and management 
• Provide students with a good understanding of how networked systems work to facilitate the functionality of computing technologies 
• Provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate an ability to design and implement network control and monitoring programs .
• 1500 word comparison for the above allocated topic, not including appendices
• Appendix to include a one page literature review in a table identifying why these papers are relevant; up to date, context, authors, institution, number references, referenced by, etc
• Appendix to include a bibliography in IEEE or Harvard format
• Appendix containing all the academic papers referenced in the bibliography
• Peer review marking process will follow submissions
Academic references
• Use academic referencing in either IEEE or Harvard formats
• Your bibliography should be in listed as an appendix
• Minimum of 10 academic references or relevant industry white papers
• Search platforms for references:
• ResearchGate
• Google Scholar
Real Time versus Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN); explore protocols, applications for reliable transmission of data over geographically sparse unreliable networks

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