PDR-223655 HIV in Kings County WRITER: This paper cannot be disjointed and have ideas strung together from your readings without real connection. You to be cogent and concise. No run on sentences. No multiple thoughts or concepts in one sentence. Your paragraphs also contained multiple concepts. All work needs to have a reference. PLEASE Re-Read this: This research paper should speak in reference to The HIV population in Kings County Select a population (HIV in Kings County). Demographics and risk factors of this population ( HIV in Kings County). Health Issues: Identify at least 1-2 priority health concerns of the HIV people in Kings County, the needs of this HIV population, considering the identified risk factors of the HIV people in Kings County. These may be actual or potential health issues. Health Goals of the HIV population in Kings County : Identify 1-2 objectives from Healthy People 2010 to address the health issues chosen for HIV population in Kings County. Consider health care disparities of the HIV population in Kings County, as well as access to needed health care resources. To address these goals/objectives: ? ** How can a community health nurse minimize the health disparities of this aggregate population of HIV people in Kings County? How does your chosen community agency address the health needs of these people(HIV)? Clinical Project Proposal: How will your clinical project inform your understanding of this HIV population in Kings County? How do you expect the health needs of this aggregate to change in the near future (your reflection, based on available research). Include known community resources and agencies you may explore next session. (Speak regarding the HIV population in Kings County) I need a Summary/Conclusion: review aggregate, health issues, objectives, and possible agencies, nurse role(s) to assist the needs of the aggregate. o References and resources: Must be in APA format. Thank You, Lisa 7 pages, 8 APA references

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