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The article that I chose “I TALK PRETTY ONE DAY” by David Sedaris

The author’s purpose was to inspire through somewhat humor the importance to be diverse and learn another culture through language. I arrive at that decision due to the author moving to France just to engage and learn the culture.

The author relocated to Paris in order to learn the language. I’ve spent some time in

The author tried to prepare himself with french culture before going to Paris by attending Normandy, and I took a month-long French class that summer in New York.

The author analyzes the culture while being there he stated” Learning French is a lot like joining a gang in that it involves a long and intensive period of hazing. And it wasn’t just my teacher; the entire population seemed to be in on it.”

This supports the author’s purpose because he figures in order to become good in the french language he had to study and engage with their culture.

I believe the author’s audience was those who maybe French. The challenge could be that he was mocking the french culture. Due to him not understanding the language fully he made fun out of it instead of trying to actually get a better understanding.

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