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The previous question attached gave you the opportunity to investigate and analyze the impact of issues, trends, challenges, and best practices in-depth in community colleges.

Now, develop an articulate and reasoned thesis addressing your chosen topic, integrating the content of the previous question that is attached with key issues, trends, challenges, and best practices from scholarly literature. Integrate significant trends into planning for the delivery of programs and services to community college students and community college leaders in the future.

Complete the following for this Question:

  • Following the required paper format, integrate the previous question attached, adding revisions. Include an explanation of the significance of your chosen issue or topic for community colleges.
    • Conduct a scholarly literature review that analyzes the impact of key issues, trends, challenges, and best practices in community colleges over the previous decade.
      • Include the origin of the issue and impact on global, social, technological, political, economic, and educational outcomes.
      • Include the role that leaders play in the success or failure of community colleges.
      • Provide examples of how these trends or issues are impacting a chosen community college, including the effect on programs and services.
  • Next, integrate significant trends, challenges, and best practices into planning for the delivery of programs and services to community college students in the future.
    • Recommend how to respond to your chosen future trend, challenge, or best practice as a community college leader.
      • How should the issue be addressed by community college leaders internally and externally?
    • Propose how to respond to future trends and issues as a community college leader.
      • Include the role that community college leaders play in preparing for effective change within community colleges.
    • Propose how community college leaders should prepare their college and external communities for upcoming changes, due to your identified anticipated local and national trends.
    • Explain your action plan that community college leaders should consider for creating best practices for community colleges.
  • Lastly, your conclusion should summarize your literature review findings.

Submission Requirements

  • Written communication: Communicate logical scholarly ideas, using proper writing mechanics, grammar, and spelling. Written communication must be free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: The paper, including citations and references, are formatted according to APA current edition style and formatting.
  • Number of references: Minimum of eight scholarly references from appropriate periodicals, newspapers, and journals. Leading community college periodicals and journals are to be used as references.
  • Length of paper: 10–12 double-spaced, typed pages.
  • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

Paper Format:

  • Title page.
  • Table of contents.
  • Abstract.
  • Introduction and purpose.
  • Method used to determine appropriateness of issue, trend, challenge, challenge or best practice chosen as topic.
  • Results of findings from the literature. Follow APA headings and sub-headings format for the content of the body of the paper.
  • Discussion and analysis.
  • Summary, conclusion, and recommendations.
  • Reference list.

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