1.1 to 16 pages paper you have to write which includes index page and front page.2.it should be very well organized and perfect planning.3.Mainly concentrate on this areas like How it works applications pros and cons Basic algorithms which are necessary.This are all professor expectation.4.take the papers from any where but it should include gossip communications and networks.Topic name is gossip communications and networks. if you want you can make topic name slight changesIam attaching two reference papers that are given by profeesor for your reference.
Please remember this is very important for me to get an good grade thats why i am giving it to you.Document Preview:

Gossip Algorithms: Design, Analysis and Applications Stephen Boyd Arpita Ghosh Salaji Prabhakar Devavrat Shah * Information Systems Laboratory, Stanford University Stanford, CA 94105-9510 devavrat}@stanford.edu Ahtruct- Motivated by applications to sensor, peer-to- for facilitating computation, communication and time- peer and ad hoc networks, we study distributed asyn- synchronization, (ii) the network topology may not be chronous algorithms, also known as gossip algorithms, for completely hown to the nodes of the network, (iii) computation and information exchange in an arbitrarily nodes may join or leave the network (even expire), connected network of nodes. Nodes in such networks so that the network topology itself may change, and operate under limited computational, communication and (iv) in the case of sensor networks, the computational energy resources. These constraints naturally give rise to power and energy resources may be very limited. These “gossip” algorithms: schemes which distribute the compu- constraints motivate the design of simple asynchronous tational burden and in which a node communicates with a randomly chosen neighbor. decentralized algorithms for computation where each information with only a few of its node exchanges We analyze the averaging problem under the gossip con- immediate neighbors in a time instance (or, a round). straint for arbitrary network, and find that the averaging The goal in this setting is to design algorithms so that time of a gossip algorithm depends on the second largest eigenvalue of a doubly stochastic mairix characterizing the the desired computation and communication is done as algorithm.

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