HLTENN015 – Apply Nursing Practice in the Primary Health Care Setting – Regional Population Report – Nursing Assignment

1.Describe the principles of primary health care in relation to your target population. 
2.Has the target population been clearly identified? 
3.Which is the most common disease/condition that affects your specific regional population? 
4.Identify the risk factors for the health issue chosen. 
5.Provide information on prevention strategies including defining and describing: Preventative, curative and rehabilitative service models of health in relation to your target population. 
6.Is the language used easily understood for the general population? Identify the roles and professional expertise of various members of the interdisciplinary health care team in each. 
7.Give 1 example of a health promotion activity in your chosen area. What are they aiming to achieve in regards to your chosen condition? 
8. Discuss the single major determinant of health relevant to your population and region in regards to your chosen condition (specifically, address any environmental determinants of health). 
9. Debate some reasons why Primary health care services are not accessed by the community.

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