Assessment 1 Written or Oral Questions 1. A work health and safety management system is used to help organizations plan and put into place policies and procedures to improve the health and safety of employees at work. What are the needs of your organization? Think about the form, content, purposes and functions of a WHSMS, the WHS policy and plan. (10 marks) Please consider the following when answering this question: • The budget/expense • Machinery and equipment used • Information about the premises/site e.g. entrances and exits • Systems of work • the working environment • Staff needing training • Staff available to train • General facilities. 2. Create a hazard identification and risk assessment template document. Attach the document here. (10 marks) 3 Test your template in your workplace or at APC. Write a short review/evaluation of its success. What were the positive performance indicators? What could be improved? (10 marks) The positive performance indicators include: Error rates are reduced Accidents and incidents are reduced Quality is increased Profits increase For positive feedback from staff members and any others involved Processes are being implemented as required. They can be lengthened by adding more potential hazards. 4. Give examples of barriers to WHSMS implementation and strategies to overcome them. (10 marks) Barriers might include: • Staff ignoring health and safety as they do not believe that it is their responsibility. • Safety is too expensive to implement • Reaction over prevention • Over-complication of system. Some solutions include: • Justification of the system and ensure staff have good role models for safety. • Rewards for staff who participate • Consultation with staff to help them feel involved and take ownership of the system • Planning for long-term not just the short term – this can help with reaction over prevention issues and expense issues • Ensure the system is not too complicated as it will be difficult to manage and implement. 5. What types of topics are discussed in the WHS Act 2011? State at least five.


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