Economic development of [the developing country of your choice here] since 1980

[Your full name here]

[Your student ID number here]


[Summarise your main findings succinctly in one paragraph here]

Don’t forget to delete all texts inside all square brackets and the brackets as well as this sentence!


[No subsection here. Aim to accommodate your introduction in one page. One thing you must do here is to convey your motivation clearly – Why is it important for us to study the country you chose? Don’t choose one randomly! For example, “In this report, I study the economic development of Papua New Guinea because the country has remained predominantly agricultural and dependent on natural resource extraction. I consider factors that have hindered the country’s development and in turn policies that may promote development in the country. ….”]

2. [The country of your choice here] SINCE 1980

[This is where you describe the facts about the changing (or else not changing) level of development of the country from 1980 to the present using words with supporting quantitative information. Use statistics, tables or/and figures. Feel free to introduce subsections such as “2.3 Human capital” if that helps you organise this section.]


[This is where you interpret and explain the development process of the country in line with what you presented in Section 2. Why has the country experienced what you showed in Section 2? Use economic principles and theories in your argument. Use theoretical diagram if that helps you explain your argument. Again, feel free to introduce subsections if that helps you organise this section.]


[No subsection here. This is where you conclude your research. In light of your findings, do include some policy implications you have reached. For example, if you raised poor infrastructure as a hindrance (which is the case in PNG by the way), then naturally you’d suggest some policies to increase and improve infrastructure. Think of what particular policies may be good for the country of your choice.]


[List all info sources that you cite in this report.]

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