You are a respiratory therapist working at a Children’s hospital

You are a respiratory therapist working at a Children’s hospital. You are present for the delivery of 26-week gestational age twins. You are caring for twin boy B. He was born via an emergency caesarian section due to significant maternal bleeding. The neonate is under the radiant warmer when you perform a quick assessment. The heart rate is 110 BPM, no respiratory efforts, acrocyanosis, some flexion in his extremities and some grimacing with mouth and nasal suctioning. 1. What is the APGAR score? After initiating Bag Valve Ventilation-30 minutes later, the patient is in the NICU, in an isolette receiving 60% , via an oxyhood, 2. What would you assess now? List the necessary assessment An umbilical blood gas sample is run with the following results pH 7.33 PaCO2 48 mmHg PaO2 52 mmHg HCO3 -23 mEq/L 3. What treatment should be initiated at this time? 20 minutes later, the newborn is still showing some signs of distress 4. What additional treatment or intervention you would now recommend? 5. How would you explain the administration of surfactant ? List all the steps, include the names of equipment and type(s) of Surfactant dosages Min. of three references in APA 7th Ed. format

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