ESSAY: Problem solving in retail management

Instructions: After reading this weeks material, address the following:

– In today’s technological world, what should retailers do to bring customers into their stores and build customer loyalty?

– What marketing strategies, such as social media, promotions, advertising, marketing, etc should they use to reach customers? Explain your answer.


It is the desire of every retail organization to undertake everything possible to attract customers as well as maintain their loyalty. Technology has a great role to play in as far as attracting and maintaining customer loyalty is concerned. Technology can be used make quality products that can meet the desires of customers. No customer wishes to have products that off their desires and chances are that they will always scout around to find products that can meet their needs. It is therefore important that retail organizations utilize available technologies to come up with products of good quality. Technology can also be essential in research and production. It is no longer tenable for a retail organization to undertake its operations without research (Balaji & Roy, 2017). Technology makes it easy for research to be undertaken to analyze market trends as well as what makes a customer more loyal. It is also important to mention that technology can be used to undertake marketing through various online platforms including social media.

There are different marketing strategies that retailers can utilize to reach their target market. For instance, the current technological advancements have made it possible for retailers to use platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and even Messenger that can allow customers to view products at the comfort of their seats. Other marketing strategies include using banners, Television advertisements, and print media which in most cases has its own target population. As a way of attracting customers, retail organizations can also provide incentives to its customers by offering special discounts for instance in holidays (Hanaysha, 2018). Another strategy is that for products sold at a certain amount, is set as a threshold to attract a free product (probably of a less amount). Such strategies will always cajole customers.

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