Interview summary

I interviewed with the medical services administrator of the metropolitan city that I am currently studying and residing. In the discussion, we discussed many issues mostly on the problems of affecting the quality of health care services and the interdisciplinary actions taken by the organization in addressing the issue. During the interview, the administrator raised problems that the health facility has been experiencing for some time now. The administrator is responsible for the overall oversight of the medical services of the hospital, which includes auditing the records and performing quality control measures on the health services offered by the facilities that are in the city. The issue of concern in the organization is disparities in health services where the administrator agreed that differences in the quality of access and availability of medical services continue to be a problem in the United States. However, he told me that the leadership of the department of health services is working to ensure uniformity of services provided by to all individuals in society.

Also, through collaborations between the leadership of the health department and the nurses and other medical practitioners in the primary health facilities, equality is slowly being achieved with more individuals having access to quality health care services. The culture of the department of health services in the city is bringing together as many stakeholders as possible together while developing and implementing policies related to health services if the people. The department currently has a team consisting of a representative of the department, a representative of each primary facility in the city involved, social workers and members of the general public. The administrator is a member of the team, which coordinates and assess the quality of health services provided to individuals in the city. Disparities In health care is an issue affecting public health and collaboration is essential in addressing it..
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Issue Identification

The issue of disparities in health services raised in the interview y the administrator may require an evidence-based interdisciplinary approach. Disparities in health care mean some certain population groups experience more disease burden, disability, high mortality and morbidity rates than others do. The reason for the differences has to be inspired by a certain determinant, which needs research, clinical intervention and client preferences to address the problem. Another reason for interdisciplinary approach in addressing disparities is that it has been an existent issue for a long time and for any other interventions to be made, then there is need to measure the efficiencies and inadequacies of previous responses. The effect of disparities has been a hindrance for the organization in achieving other goals of quality care since quality cannot be achieved in some groups while others are left behind.

Change Theories that Could Lead to Interdisciplinary Solution.

Change is essential in every organization as it necessitates the growth of an organization from one level to another. Theory of evolution is a theory that provides a conceptual framework of how change can be achieved in an organization. In each organization, there is a group of people in support of change while others are against change, and to make change work, then the supporting team has to dominate the opposing team. “Change theory can help in creating an interdisciplinary solution by developing proposals of both teams of how a solution can be attained” (Cummings, 2015). Proposed solutions can be collected from all the stakeholders involved either resistant or in support and then the way the answers to come up with the optimum solution for the problem. The Lewin’s theory of change is relevant to the issue of disparity in health services since it involves different views among the stakeholders meaning that there is a robust resisting force that has to be nominated to come up with a viable interdisciplinary solution. The source of information is credible since it is from a trusted journal that even provides application change theory in nursing and the medical profession.

Leadership Strategies that could lead to an interdisciplinary solution

For any organization to develop a solution towards a problem, then leadership has to be involved, and the leadership strategies should be in support of the solution. Commitment to continued education is a strategy that sees leaders commit to the continued growth of his or her team y making sure that there is continued education among the employees and in this case, the medical professionals. “Quality health services requires continued inventions on recent methods to improve quality of health care services to patients” (White, 2016). This leadership strategy could lead to an interdisciplinary solution ringing all stakeholders together through education and by finding innovative means to deal with discrepancies, then a multidisciplinary solution can be achieved. Delegation and empowerment is also another strategy that can help make an interdisciplinary solution by empowering all other involved stakeholders on efficient means of dealing with discrepancies in health care services. These strategies are relevant to the multidisciplinary solution to the issue since they are strategies that involve leadership involving and working with other people in developing a solution to a problem. Disparities in health care include people, and the only way a solution can be found is by using the same people, causing the challenge to develop a solution. The source of information is credible since a trusted publisher publishes it; the journal also provides specific details specifying on the health care industry.

Collaboration approaches for interdisciplinary teams

The department of medical services of my metropolitan city as told by the administrator has been using partnerships in dealing with most issues in the department. In the problem of disparities, there is also the use of connections in trying to come up with a solution that will ensure uniformity in provision and access to quality health care services. However, for an organization to make collaborations to work, then it has to be sensitive to the leadership approach they use. In this case, the leadership approach involved is transformational leadership. “Transformational leadership allows the leader to develop and outline leadership for the followers and appeal on their values to make the vision achievable” (Chagnon, 2019). Disparities in health care are always associated with race, ethnicity, and this is a matter to do with the personal values of the health officers dealing with the patients. When a leader appeals to the benefits of the followers and appeals change in respect to them, then an interdisciplinary solution can be achieved.

Collaborations mean working with different people and this means that have to be aware of the intention of the leader while developing the solution, therefore using transformational leadership will achieve bringing together the different people to make the set goals. “A democratic leadership approach could also be effective in this case since it allows the opinions of every stakeholder to be heard and considered” (Davis, 2017). For a leader to achieve in developing an interdisciplinary solution for dealing with disparities, then he or she needs to hear the concerns and opinions of every stakeholder in the collaboration. The sources of information are credible since they are from journals of highly ethica….

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