ESSAY: Principles of Teaching and Learning

Examine your own beliefs about the student–faculty relationship and discuss the effects that your beliefs and practices may have on the teaching–learning process, the academic performance of your students, and your students’ behavior. What are your beliefs about interactions with students who are failing? How do you (or will you) deal with issues related to student misconduct and academic dishonesty? What are your thoughts related to managing honor code violations and substance abuse problems? How do your responses to these questions correlate with your personal teaching philosophy?


The relationship between student and faculty plays an important role in the academic process. I believe there has to be a positive relationship between the two for the mutual benefit of both the student and the faculty. Some of the qualities I believe must exist include good communication, provision of a safe learning environment, students must respect the authorities and powers that be as well as mutual respect between the two (Bartholomew et al, 2018). If these factors exist, a teacher will always teach with passion while the student will always feel at ease. The student will eventually perform better as he/she will easily grasp what the teacher will be teaching. A good teacher-student interaction will also help improve the behavior of the student. When there is mutual respect, students will easily adhere to instructions. Furthermore, it will take the teacher little effort to provide direction to the student (Kim & Sax, 2017).

As a teacher, I have always believed that while interacting with students who are failing, one has to be as encouraging as possible. Furthermore, I believe in giving such students a story they can learn from. A story of hope. It is also important for such students to be fair to themselves and never to despise their abilities. For students that engage in misbehavior and academic dishonesty, I will clearly explain to them the implications of such behavior. Furthermore, I will discuss with them the expectations of the school system in regard to academic integrity as well as the benefits of being honest not just in school but also in life….

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