Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography

Presentation Topic: Johnny Cake
Source #1
Citation (in APA format) Colón-Singh, B. Y. R. Y. (1970, August 22). What is a Johnny Cake? Learn all about This American Classic. Fine Dining Lovers. 
Summary Through this source, I found a brief historic journey of johnny cake. I was also able to find the different names that johnny cake has been called through history. I also learned how to make them from easy to follow videos that were provided
Evaluation This is a very good source to use as Fine Dining Lovers give people the chance to travel the world and through time through food. Even though it is hard to find the sources that they use, everything the author wrote about was accurate. The format of source is a website, and it was very easy to navigate. It also was easy to understand what the author was trying to pass to the readers.
Source #2
Citation (in APA format) Steve, & Bennett, S. (2021, April 13). The best crucian johnny cake recipe – shhh… it’s top-secret! Uncommon Caribbean. 
Summary This source illustrates the history of johnny cake in the Virgin Islands. This source also tells the reader what johnny cake are paired with for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The purpose of the source is to show the importance of johnny cake to the culture of the people of the Virgin Islands.
Evaluation The format of the source is written in more of a journal page style by someone who wants people to experience the West Indian tradition through this delicacy. This is site is not peer-reviewed, so the reliability may not valid. This source references a book where the popular cuisine can be created. I plan on using this source by referencing how johnny cake is a simple bread that can be compliment many dishes in the West Indies.
Source #3
Citation (in APA format) What is A JOHNNYCAKE? Native Heritage Project. (2012, May 1). 
Summary This source talks about the different names that this delicacy has been called as it has traveled to different areas of the world. This source also talks about how countries outside have adopted johnny cakes into their own culture. I also learned names of this dish before it became popular.
Evaluation This source is a peer reviewed journal with several viewers. The reliability of this source is substantial because this source has many references. I plan on using this source by referencing how johnny cake originated form the native inhabitants of North America.
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