Project Analysis and Instructional Objectives Overview

Project Analysis and Instructional Objectives Overview

This assignment goes with the discussion question on Improving Educational Equality in Underserved Schools

In Week 1, you identified a need (such as new equipment, expanding curriculum, change in procedures, and so forth) that you want to address through the instructional curriculum you will create for your class project (our need is: IMPROVING EDUCATIONAL EQUALITY FOR UNDERSERVED SCHOOLS).  You also provided a rationale concerning why the problem or need exists, outlined a goal for the project, and proposed instructional strategies. Each week is a building block as we move through the stages for planning instructional design to address the identified need. The purpose of this assignment is to document the planning process. Use the Internet to locate information that you believe will assist you with your project.


Write a 2 page paper in which you:

  • Develop a needs analysis for the identified need. (Analysis should include what teachers can do to ensure equality is met and what resources are needed to ensure the success of students)
  • Determine the learner characteristics for the identified need.
  • Create a minimum of three instructional objectives. Write one objective from each of the following domains for the identified need: cognitive, behavioral, and affective (Cognitive: Ensuring the classroom environment is safe and engaging. This allows scholars to advocate for their success vocally and amongst each other. This also gives educators a clue of what resources are needed to benefit each learning style. Behavior: Focuses primarily on behaviors learned through experience in the society we are in. We learn from our daily interactions. If scholars are successful then they will become more engaged. They will stay engaged when they know through statements or positive actions that they are successful. Affective: Understanding that the educator is there to make sure all scholars are successful. They have the tools to make it happen).
  • Create a procedural analysis flowchart that visually depicts your project, using Excel, Visio, or one of their equivalents such as OpenOffice or Dia. In the flowchart, identify the starting points, decision steps, and ending points related to the learning task. Note: The graphically depicted solution is not included in the required page length. You may also find MS Office diagram templates useful, or you may search for . 
  • Use your textbook, Internet, to locate at least two reputable references (no more than ten years old). Appropriate academic resources include reputable websites, scholarly texts, and peer-reviewed articles. Wikipedia and other wikis do not qualify as academic resources. 
  • Include charts or diagrams created in Excel, Visio, MS Project, a standard MS Office template, or one of their equivalents such as Open Project, Dia, and OpenOffice. The completed diagrams/charts must be imported into the Word document before the paper is submitted. 
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