ESSAY: Public Health Nursing

An important competency in public health, according to the Association of Schools and Programs in Public Health (ASPPH) is health communication. Define health communication and provide an example of how it is used in public health. Explain how the community influences public health.

Public Health Nursing work in a variety of roles. These individuals work directly with members of the community, dealing with a range of health concerns. I would like you all to critically think. If you were a member of a think tank working at CMS, what would you consider to be the top 5 health concerns requiring resource allocation to help achieve the quadruple aim and why?


Public health is the science of prolonging human life by preventing diseases using organized strategies and informed choices by organizations, society, communities, public and private entities. The basis of public health is analyzing a population’s health as well as the threats that it is exposed to. The health concept accounts for the psychological, social, and physical well-being. Public health, therefore, plays a critical role in control and prevention in both the developing and developing world utilizing the local health machinery and the international non-governmental organizations.

            Health communication is the practice as well as the study passing health information that is promotional in the form of health education and campaigns between doctors and their patients. These choices are a result of options that are personal from individuals with improving health literacy (White et al., 2015). Effective communication ought to be tailored, focusing on the intended….

            Health communication mainly seeks to raise knowledge and awareness of health issues. It affects characters and attitudes towards problems related to the health of society. These communications demonstrate the required health habits and practices. It also helps to elaborate on the benefits of change in behavior towards public health and the outcomes. Heath communication also advocates positions on health policies as well as emerging issues. It also increases demand and support for health service provision in the…

            There is a lot of discussion concerning the allocation of resources in the medical systems. Primarily, the focus is influenced by the ever-increasing costs as well as the budget pressure that is exerted on the publicly-funded systems. In some, resource allocation is a serious issue because the number of resources put on one disease can be utilized on another. Similar concerns are also …

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